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Welcome to Top Knots & Jots! I’m Katy, an  Indy habitué enjoying the joys of being a 20-something. Follow along as I share DIY projects, workout ideas, yummy recipes, and little adventures on topknotsandjots.com. 

Quick Jots:

I’m a proud doggie mom to Neely, a fiery Jack-A-Bee (Jack Russel/Beagle mix) chock-full of energy and Ruxin, a sweet-as-can-be Pit Bull Terrier mix.

Now and again I'll refer to Nic. He's my fiancé and high school sweetheart of eight years. Gotta love love, right?

In my free time, I love workouts at the gym, experimenting with new recipes, trying a new DIY, or going on a quick run with friends.

Oh - I have a serious sweet tooth. I LOVE candy, which has absolutely nothing to do with my frequent visits to the dentist's office... #teamsourpartchkids

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