Friday, November 6, 2015

Things to Consider Before Heading to Your Engagement Photo Shoot

I know this isn't technically a wedding blog, but I just have to share what's been going on in wedding world over here. We just got our engagement pictures back and are absolutely in love with them! I received a lot of tips and tricks from friends, family, and blogs before the shoot and was really thankful for some of the advice. Take a peek at a few of our favorite photos and keep reading for a few things to think about before getting in front of the camera.

Things to Consider Before your Engagement Photo Shoot

Get your hair cut and colored

 A fresh 'do is always a great idea before you get in front of the camera. The new color and cut will look polished and fresh making you look extra great. Try to get to the salon about 2-3 weeks before the shoot.

He might be way uncomfortable with this whole thing

If ya got a shy guy on your hands, just roll with it. It's not everyday you take kissing pics with your significant other while a random person documents your every move on camera. Nic nervously laughed for the first 20 minutes until he got comfortable. We actually got quite a few great candid shots because of it.

Pick outfits that are weather appropriate

If you are taking your engagement pictures in the cold, dress for the cold. Engagement pictures can take a couple hours and you don't want to look uncomfortable in every shot. It was pretty chilly for our shoot, so I was really glad we were wearing sweaters and jackets.

Pick inspirational engagement photos and share them with your photographer

This one should be easy. You most likely already have a ton of inspirational pics on Pinterest, so be sure to share them with your photographer. If you haven't collected ideas yet, here are some of mine:

What are some of your tips for brides-to-be on engagement photo day?

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