Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Decorating Diaries: Novice Edition

shelf wall decorations

I admit it - Pinterest tricked me. All those immaculate decor blogs and HGTV totally convinced me house decorating was a breeze. Is it fun?  Most definitely, yes. Is it easy?  Umm no.

It seemed simple enough. How hard could it be when you have LOADS of Pinterest inspiration photos? All you have to do is head to your favorite décor store (Target), fall in love with a lamp here and a rug there, then wa-lah! A beautiful home appears…not! Falling in love with everything in the store is the easy part. Putting it all together in some sort of cohesive way is where the challenge begins.

As I walked down each isle of the home department at Target, I seemed to be constantly drawn to the same damask-like woven pattern over and over again (as you will see in the throw pillows below). At one point, I had a rug, curtains, AND pillows all with the identical pattern in my cart. Oops? I don’t think Martha Stewart would approve.

It took a couple weekends to start to finally get it right, but I actually have ended up with a couple items that I really like. If you are planning on house decorating, I’ve found it helps to do one room at a time. Picking up decorations for more than one room gets confusing and you’ll end up with all kinds of odds and ends. Also, try to pick a color scheme that features one dominant color, then pair it with a few neutrals. I started by picking out the small stuff for room inspiration - a rug, throw pillows, and a few wall décor items. Here are my favorite decorations so far!

wall shelves picture collage
Shelves | Decorative Signs

Entry table with flowers

damask throw pillows multicolor
How have you spruced up your home this summer?

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