Friday, June 26, 2015

Beach Trip Essentials

With summer officially starting this month, I was itching to take a mini vacation to lie on the beach, try a few new restaurants, and shop! Seeing as we didn’t have an entire week to travel too far, we chose to visit Lake Michigan and the quaint little town of New Buffalo. I grabbed these essentials before gallivanting around the beach:

 Sun Hat – I don’t wear hats all that much, but stumbled upon this one while shopping for a swim suit top and just loved it. It screamed “Oh hey, I’m beachy chic” – naturally I snatched it and bee-lined to the register. Best decision ever! Totally saved me from actually doing my hair the entire weekend. (I was going for the beach bum look, okay?)

New Suit – I know swim suits can cost a pretty penny, but they don’t have to! Try mixing and matching an old bottom with a new top or vice-versa. I have a semi-old pair of basic black bottoms that I matched with this new bermuda blue top and it created a whole new suit.

Sunscreen – As much as I would love to be a glowing bronze goddess, the reality is I’m extremely pale and really prone to sunburn. So, I lathered on the sunscreen every hour and ended up with a little color (whoohoo!) without the crazy painful burn.

Magazine – I’m so used to reading blog posts and social media blurbs and wanted to shake it up a little bit. There’s just something about reading a magazine on the beach that you just can’t beat.

Maxi Dress – A maxi dress is an absolute must for a beach weekend. It can be dressed up for dinner and down for a beach cover-up. I found mine at a little boutique in Broad Ripple called Pitaya.

Snack-filled Cooler – Instead of eating every meal at a restaurant during your trip, pre-plan a beach picnic lunch. We grabbed lunch meat, bread, snacks, and drinks from the grocery store and packed a cooler before heading out. Saved us quite a bit of money, and the restaurants we did choose were that much more enjoyable.

Adventurous Attitude (and a little spending money) – Try visiting little shops and restaurants while on your little beach escapade. After all it IS vacation, right? We ventured into a few local shops like the Whittaker House and found the most adorable living room decorations! You never know what you may find.

Make time for yourself this summer and plan a mini getaway! What are some of your summer plans?

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