Monday, April 27, 2015

Living Room Decor Inspiration

House decorating is on the horizon! In the next few months, I'm planning to revamp a lot of the decor in our house and make some sort of change or upgrade to almost every room. Up until this point, we've collected a lot of hand-me-downs and Goodwill items that were totally functional right out of college. Now that I've been working for a couple years, it's time to make our little rental house a home. The plan is to start with the living room and work our way throughout the rest of the house making little changes here and there.

As any other sane twentysomething girl would do, I've been collecting inspiration photos on Pinterest to get started. I'm trying not to get too attached to the inspiration photos because we all know it's nearly impossible to recreate them. In any case, I need some sort of jump start to get going on the right track or I'd end up with a hodge podge of just a little bit of everything.

It turns out I like a lot of different styles when it come to living room decor. Some of these pictures have a ton of color and others have a pretty neutral color scheme. Instead of trying to copy just one of these looks, I've pulled together a few commonalities that appear in almost all of the photos.

I like neutrals.

Gray, black, white and tan seem to show up somewhere in all of these photos. The light neutrals brighten up the room and make it look clean and crisp, yet welcoming.

Wood accents are a must.

I really love the wood coffee tables in photos 3 and 4. Some sort of wood accent seems to make a room look modern, especially the old, reclaimed wood look. We have a few coffee tables that we may be able to update or we may just need to buy a new one.

House plants are a plus.

Some sort of greenery seems to add a touch of freshness to the space. I haven't had to best of luck with keeping house plants alive (apparently you've gotta water those little buggers), but I'm willing to give it another try!

Throw pillows can make all the difference.

In a lot of these photos, throw pillows are used to add a dash of color or pattern to the room. Instead of buying expensive curtains or rug to add pizzazz, maybe I'll experiment with throw pillows.

Are you attempting any decor changes in your house or apartment this summer? Any tips?

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