Wednesday, March 18, 2015

5 Things to Expect at a 5K Beer Run

Last weekend my friends and I had a lovely time running the St. Patrick's Day 5k Beer Run. If you haven't participated in one of these smashing events before, here is what to expect.

5k beer run

The 5K race costumes rock.

No matter what theme or holiday your 5K race is surrounding, the festive wear will knock your socks off - at least it did mine. For our beer run, we made tutus and wore little green knick knacks, but we saw all kinds of creative outfits. Dressing up is a definite must to truly experience a 5K beer run.

Your body is going to wonder what the heck you are doing to it.

The whole run your heart out drink your heart out routine wasn't something I was particularly used to. The running part got increasingly more difficult as the race went on - go figure! So just be prepared for an all new running experience if you haven't participated in one of these beer races before.

There won't be much "racing".

Unless you are planning to skip every single beer station along the way, just know you aren't going to be setting any records on beer race day. As you can imagine, the beer stations get a little congested and sometimes even a short line formed at our race. It's a much better experience if you go with the flow and drink up (no pun intended) the whole experience, even if it means taking an hour to finish the race.

You'll need to take a potty break.

It's a basic law of nature, if you put liquid in, it's going to need to come out. If you are like me, it will probably be right when you are standing at the starting line minutes before the race begins. Locate the nearest bathroom right when you enter race grounds to save yourself from unnecessary agony. We may or may not stopped and waited in a port-a-potty line at the first 1/2 mile marker...

Fun times will be had.

If you have the opportunity to do a 5K beer run, do it. It's one of those life experiences that will create memories you'll remember forver. My friends and I had an absolute blast and there's talk that it may become an annual thing.

What are some of your favorite racing experiences?

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