Tuesday, February 10, 2015

8 Ways to Amp Up Your Running Game

Running is hard. Period. It takes lots of motivation and hard work to consistently keep up with a cardio routine. Normally, I would run a mile here or there to warm up, but I never really pushed myself to work on long distance running. Recently, I’ve been able to turn my one mile runs into four mile runs with a little determination and a couple of minor adjustments.

8 Ways to Amp Up Your Running Game

1. Listen to a killer playlist:  Blasting music is one of my favorite ways to get pumped up and ready to run. I have a couple different go-to Pandora stations that I strictly listen to during workouts: The Cataracts Radio and Jason Derulo Radio.

2. Wear running shoes: Wearing shoes made for running makes a total difference in your cardio performance. For Christmas this year I got a pair of Nike running shoes and I feel so much better during and after a run. 

3. Set goals: Have a certain distance, pace, or time in mind before you step on the treadmill. This way you have something to aim for and are less likely to allow yourself to quit before reaching your full potential.

4. Get into a routine: I decided to dedicate a day to cardio instead of trying to fit running and lifting into the same workout. This way, I can spend the time needed to improve my endurance.

5. Hydrate: It is so easy to ignore the importance of hydrating before a workout. I find I run much better if I’ve drank water throughout the day. Last week I tried drinking coconut water all day long and I felt really hydrated going into my workout.

6. Walk if you need to: Instead of focusing on continuously running for a certain period of time, allow yourself to take breaks and walk. Slowly work your way up to running the entire distance and you’ll find your cardio workouts will start to last longer and burn more calories.

7. Reward yourself: Once you reach a long-term goal, celebrate by buying a new workout top or treating yourself to Starbucks.

8. Challenge yourself: Set running goals that continue to amp up your running game.

Keeping these tips in mind, here's the plan for today's workout:

45 Minute Run
10 minute jog
25 minute steady pace run
10 minute cool down

What are your best cardio tips?

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