Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Wedding Bells - I'm Getting Married! (+ Proposal Video)

I've been told I'm impossible to surprise, that I'm a little nosy, and that I have a knack for being a little too curious. (What can I say? I like to know things…) Turns out, my nosiness was a bit of a challenge when it came to proposing to me.  Somehow, Nic pulled off the surprise of a lifetime and I’m excited to share the story of my utter shock and excitement at the Butler bell tower last Monday.

engagement pic

Butler university bell tower proposal

Let’s rewind back to freshman year of college at Butler University. 

During my first week of school, I participated in many tours around campus - one of which I remember pretty vividly. My RA led a group of girls past Holcomb Gardens and the Butler bell tower sharing information about each place. She explained that there was a little legend surrounding the bell tower. It was said that if you kissed your significant other under the tower and the bell rang, it meant you were destined to be with that person forever.

The next time Nic came to visit, we decided to test that tale. We marched up those stairs and quickly kissed under the tower before anyone could see us. Surprisingly, the bell tower rang out with a loud clang that sounded out across campus.

You should have seen Nic's face. I would've describe it as a combination of amazement and shock. I'm sure mine was the same. From then on he would jokingly say, "You're stuck with me babe. The bell did ring, you know."   

Fast forward 6 years to present.

Engagement is a hot topic in our world. Friends are getting married and I’m constantly rambling on about “our wedding someday". Not to mention, we were attending friends' weddings almost every weekend. (Cue embarrassing pictures of me trying to catch  the bouquet...)

catch the bouquet

catching the bouquet

There are more, but I'll stick with two for now. It was pretty clear, my mind was on engagement and I needed to be really thrown off guard if I was going to be surprised by a proposal. (Oops)

About a month ago, I signed up for a 10K and have been training with my old college roommate, Bridget. On September 28, 2015 I was prepared for a long, strenuous run up and down the Butler bell tower steps to prepare for the race. Instead, I got the surprise of a lifetime. I'll let the video show the rest.

I was shocked. Just in awe that he had pulled off such an amazing proposal.

Afterwards, as we walked back up the stairs, he explained why he proposed that day. His grandpa had passed away a few months before, and September 28 would have been his birthday. I just balled. Like a baby.

How thoughtful?

I am beyond blown away and so excited to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. Cheers to wedding planning over this next year!

radiant cut engagement ring

What can I say, the bell did ring.

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