Thursday, July 9, 2015

Pineapple Rum Cocktail Recipe

pineapple rum cocktail recipe

Pineapple Rum Recipe

Happy Thursday, everyone! We've basically made it through the entire week and most certainly deserve a cocktail to celebrate. It's been so rainy and dreary around Indy lately, it's time to add a splash of summery fun into our nighttime ritual. Last weekend, I grabbed a few items off the bar cart and created, what I like to call, the Pineapple Fizz Cocktail. It's perfect for summer nights just like this one. Cheers!


2 oz. Pineapple Juice
1 oz. Rum
1 oz. Ginger Ale
Splash of Peach Cranberry Juice


Add ingredients into cocktail shaker filled with ice, mix, and pour into an adorable cocktail glass.

Pineapple Cocktail

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