Monday, March 23, 2015

Bar Cart DIY Project

Sunday was a day filled with fun DIY projects and mini accomplishments. Not only did we successfully file our taxes on our own, (TurboTax is the we made this super sleek DIY bar cart.

My list of DIY projects for our rental house is slowly getting longer and longer, but we decided to start with the bar cart. I've wanted a bar cart for the past year, but jeesh, they cost a pretty penny!  I was not about to pay $100+ for a little cart that I could make myself. Plus, I found this adorable DIY bar cart post which totally inspired this weekend's escapades.

diy bar cart project

diy bar cart

Most of our kitchen accents are chrome so we wanted to keep the color of the cart to match everything else. You can easily change the cart to gold or black with a little spray paint. The chrome definitely gives our kitchen an industrial, modern look so we let it be. With just a few small decor items, our bar cart started coming together wonderfully.

diy bar cart serving tray

DIY bar cart project

Wire Storage Shelves (I used these for $20)
Serving Tray (Got this one from Target)
Decor Items (I used a potted plant, some homemade coasters, and paper straws)

Assemble, decorate, and enjoy!

bar cart paper straws
I'm in love with these paper straws!
diy bar cart project

We made custom tiles to add a neat little decor element to the second shelf. Nic had collected different beer cartons that we turned into coasters and decorative tiles with a little mod podge.

diy bar cart bottom row
What kind of DIY projects have you been up to lately?

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  1. Love this!! Such a great hack-- and you did it for so much less than those fancy expensive bar carts!

    1. Thank you so much! The price was definitely a plus! I'm still playing around with the items on the cart to find the perfect balance of function and style.